Functional Unit

To carry out its functions, the Directorate operates through various specialized Units. The Units are as under:

Advertisement & Publicity

Advertisement and publicity has an important activity to mobilize the people for a specific goal. Directorate of Adult Education provides media support to the ongoing literacy programmes in the country. The mandate of the unit is to undertake media campaigns through different forms of media such as: electronic, print, folk, interpersonal etc. The unit undertakes national level campaigns through All India Radio, Digital Cinema Theatres, Railway Tickets, Bus Panels, Newspapers etc. across the country to create conducive environment for the implementation of adult education Programmes and to mobilise the learners and volunteer teachers. The media unit also facilitates mobilisation activities of State Literacy Mission Authorities, districts, Block and GP level Lok Shiksha Samities by sharing publicity materials for use at the appropriate levels. The objective is to create a favorable environment to generate demand for literacy.

Advertisement and Publicity Unit plays a vital role in the advertisement and publicity of Media activities for the Adult Education programme. It produces audio-video programmes through professional media agencies on best practices, success stories and documentaries for motivation mobilization and documentation. Imaginatively conceived and attractively produced spots and programmes are mounted on prime slots of National and Regional channels of Doordarshan and All India Radio. Print advertisements are also issued to promote adult literacy programmes in the country.

Development of Material

The Material Development Unit is responsible for preparation of guidelines for material development for literacy and development of prototype materials for basic literacy and CE programme. DAE examine and approves the teaching and learning materials prepared by different agencies through Quality Assurance Committee. DAE also organizes workshops on material development to orient on the norms of developing basic and learning material for non-literates and neo-literates.

Quality Monitoring and Evaluation

Quality Monitoring Unit plays an important role in collection and compilation of field data. Monitoring has been recognized as an essential tool for identification of the strengths and weaknesses of any scheme/programme and design to make the objectives operationally more realistic and to ensure its effective implementation. Monitoring Unit is presently monitoring implementation of Literacy Programme. DAE is responsible to conduct the National Level Learner Assessment Test through NIOS in the Saakshar Bharat districts. Monitoring unit will also collect the Monitoring reports from States/ Consultants.

Evaluation is an inbuilt component in the literacy programme. The Directorate has adopted stringent measures of the objectives evaluation of adult literacy programme. Evaluation unit conducts external evaluation through Professionals/ Agencies on different subjects from time to time and compile the same.

Cases study & Research

This unit is mainly responsible for carrying out the action Research with the help of external agencies like NGOs, Government institutions etc. The education experts undertake the research / case studies on different topics like issues related to gender, caste (SC, ST, minorities) issues pertaining to tribal populations, technology, PRI (Panchayti Raj institutions), TLM etc. the Action Research & case studies reports will be showcased and results will be circulated to all Stakeholders.


Training Unit plays an important role in the field of training and orientation of the field functionaries. Training Unit is also responsible to develop training modules/materials for the functionaries like Key Resource Persons, Master Trainers. Seminars, workshops and capacity building programmes are organized for the officers of SLMAs and District Adult Education Officers.


Publication Unit brings out various kinds of publications related to literacy and adult education. The materials published include success stories, Policy books, Statistical Data, DAE Newsletter etc.

Pre-press work for various publications is done in house. After printing, the books / materials are distributed across the country to the respective user-groups. Special coffee table publications are brought out on the occasion of International Literacy Day.

Official Language

Officials Language Unit of this Directorate works for ensuring implementation of the Official Language Policy of the Government of India. The Unit not only ensures maximum possible use of official language in correspondence but also arranges the training of officials in the language. Directorate also organizes periodical seminars/ workshops on the Official Language Policy. On the occasion of ‘Hindi Pakhwara’, competitions are organized among different levels of officials of this Directorate to encourage use of Hindi language in official work.


Directorate of Adult Education Library has rich collection of books on different subjects. The Library also prepares catalogue of DAE publications and keep it ready for reference to the readers. The Library procures magazines and newspapers in different Indian languages. It works as a documentation and reference section of DAE.

Administration and Accounts

The Administration and Accounts Unit attends to all the administrative and financial matters related to the personnel of Directorate of Adult Education. It provides administrative and financial support to various activities of the Directorate. The unit handles all the administrative and financial matters with efficiency in a time bound manner.

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